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Don’t Know Much About Family Tree DNA?

Neither do I!

Although I had my DNA done years ago – when it first became available – I have to admit I’m not that great at understanding all of the science. That’s why I’ve put together this DNA resource list of some of the best sites or articles about family tree DNA. (My reference is to the broad field of genetic genealogy, not specifically to the company that’s also named Family Tree DNA).

Family Tree DNA Resources

Top Genetic DNA Testing Companies (Good article by Blaine Bettinger – his book Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy is below)

The Power of DNA Matching

Exploring Your Ancestry DNA Results Further (a good read if you’ve already done the family tree DNA test)

Family Tree Apps – If you’ve done an DNA test, you may enjoy reading my take on the app- image below

family tree dna

The Genetic Genealogist (This fellow really knows his stuff!)

DNALand (this is a free service with fascinating results – but you have to have done your DNA first) Once you upload your raw DNA, this service generates a genetic origin report. (See image directly below). I have seen results from five different people – and there’s always a surprise!


GPSOrigins (you can either have your family tree DNA tested and/or just get a report if you already have a DNA test) I’ve used this particular service for three people. Using the DNA it generates a lengthy report on the origins of your DNA. Image below shows a small piece of the report.


Genetic Genealogy DeMystified (free PDF)

If You Haven’t Done Your Family Tree DNA Yet

These are services that I’ve used for my own DNA testing:

GPSOrigins – Save 25% DNA


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