Family Story Friday – Fancy Pants Business Card

This blog post is one in the series, Family Story Friday. I hope it inspires you to begin saving family stories one-at-a-time. After all, if you don’t save the stories, who will?

hand-drawn business card

By all accounts, my grandfather was a guy who liked to impress. I can’t personally attest to that as he passed away before I was one-year-old.

Grandpa – Herschel Byron Hendrickson – was a salesman who traveled during the week and was home on the weekends. He liked being a snappy dresser and all-around debonair fellow. However, I think this backfired on him once.

My mom told me that Grandpa wore a large and fake diamond ring. Once night while driving his route he was held up and the robber took the ring, thinking it was a real diamond. I wonder if Grandpa learned his lesson!

The card above is one of his business cards. Hand-drawn, no less, with both purple and green ink. I wonder if Grandpa drew it or if it was created by his dad, James Hendrickson. I have a large picture that James did in this same style and will post it on another episode of Family Story Friday.

I wish I had known Grandpa – he sounds like he was quite the character! Look at the tilt of that hat in this photo with my grandmother! He definitely has that look!

Black and white photo of couple, both wearing hats

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