Family Camping – 5 Ideas for Great Stories

Family camping – a favorite of mine!

Family camping will produce hilarious stories!

I worked for Camp Fire Girls at a summer camp for several years. To this day (decades later) I still have camping stories to tell. (Although I love this photo, as a long-time camper I can tell the people that they didn’t clear away enough space around the fire!)

5 Ideas for Capturing Great Family Camping Stories

  1. Create a real or digital scrapbook of the camping trip from start to finish; that can mean photos or notes showing packing the car, setting up camp, preparing meals, hikes, campfire stories, and fun adventures.
  2. Use your smartphone to record each family member telling their favorite story from the camping trip.
  3. Go macro and micro! Take photos of the environment where you’re camping (the forest, the lake, the campground) as well as up-close and personal images of leaves, bugs, and stones around the campsite.
  4. Have everyone in the family take a few minutes each evening to share both their favorite and least favorite part of the day. Capture this in audio, video, or in a family camping trip notebook.
  5. Did the dog go with you? Don’t forget to record Spot’s antics in video, photos or notes. (Spot’s eyes make for great close-up photos too).

Family Camping Story Resources

  1. Digital collection of funny or scary campfire stories (these are fun to record too). Google “free campfire stories” and you’ll find plenty.
  2. Book (digital or print) of plants & animals of the area you’ll be camping (pick a [non-protected] leaf or flower for #3.
  3. Flower/plant press (click here to see how to make one . . . or buy one). Add pressed flowers or leaves to your camping story memory book.

How to Photograph a Campfire with Your Smartphone


As part of your digital or paper scrapbook or camping memory book, you’ll definitely want some campfire photos. Here’s how to get them:

  1. If you don’t have a little tripod like a gorilla, do your best to stay steady. You may be able to prop the phone up against a jacket or a pillow. (Gorilla tripods for smartphones are available at Amazon and other online stores)
  2. Don’t use flash. It will wipe out the beauty of the flames and make your photo look like daytime.
  3. If your phone has a Slo-Mo or Time Lapse setting, experiment. You can get some pretty cool photos this way.
  4. Get a low-light app for your phone. iOS has NightCap Pro and Slow Shutter – both are great.  For Android, try Night Camera.
  5. Use a self-timer to make sure the camera stays steady during the shot.

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