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Facebook for seniors who love genealogy


I had the opportunity to read a brand new book titled Facebook For Seniors, Connect with Friends and Family in 12 Easy Lessons.

Available on Amazon for a 23% discount off list price

Since most of us didn’t grow up with computers or social media, sometimes it’s easy to get a little lost on a site like Facebook. I think we all know about groups and pages (like my GenealogyTeach page), but when it comes to really understanding how to get the most from Facebook, we’re probably at a bit of a loss. I know I am.

One of the many things I like about the book are the step-by-step instructions. The screenshots are in full-color, which I love. And, although I’m pretty sure you know how to create an account, you may not be as knowledgeable about

  • how to best connect with friends and family
  • how to share news and photos
  • how to get involved with discussion groups on genealogy and other topics
  • how to keep your account secure
  • how to easily private messenger with friends

In this day and age of computer hacking, I think the chapter on Privacy and Security is one that we’ll all jump into!

I admit, I have never been a true Facebook fan, but I do like being able to share news with family who live across the country; and I like sharing genealogy articles on my GenealogyTeach page. Like you, I’ve learned how to use the parts of Facebook that I needed to know and pretty much let the rest of it slide. Now, with this book, I’m learning more about what I can do to make Facebook more usable for me.

Facebook for Seniors – Sample Activity

Just thought I’d share one of the many activities so you can get a feel for the book. In the chapter on posting photos and videos in an album – something we genealogy people love doing. So you can try out what you’ve just learned, one of the activities is:

  1. Create a new photo album post
  2. Add three flower pictures into the album (or 3 ancestors!)
  3. Add the album title
  4. Add the album description (i.e. a collection of flower photos)
  5. Add the location of where the photos were taken
  6. Add the date that you took the photos (or today’s date)
  7. Set the privacy setting for the album to Friends.
  8. Post the album

I thought the book was really easy to follow, the instructions are super-simple and the book hits on all of the topics that I think are most important.

We genealogy folks love sharing what we’ve learned with other family members, other researchers and friends. Having this book will make it really easy to share without compromising your privacy or security.

You can purchase Facebook for Seniors at Amazon for a 23% discount off list price.

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