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DNA Resources from Family Tree Magazine

Of all of the questions I receive, it seems that those relating to DNA top the list. I’m not a DNA expert, but have done my best to read books and watch webinars in order to educate myself – primarily because I think DNA is only going to become a bigger part of genealogy research as a whole.

This afternoon, I went over to the Family Tree Magazine site to collect what I thought were six of the best resources for using DNA in conjunction with your own research. I hope you find some of these links helpful.

Genetic Genealogy 201 – a four week course with Kerry Scott **STARTS OCTOBER 8, 2018**

Genetic Genealogy Cheatsheet

DNA Triangulation

DNA Adoptee Matches

Understand Genetic Genealogy in 10 Minutes

DNA Solutions to Real Life Problems

Save Your Family Stories - 10 Easy Steps

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