The Diplomat Who Delivered Newspapers – 1790

Benjamin Franklin was an amazing entrepreneur
A year after Benjamin Franklin’s death, on April 17, 1790, his autobiography was published in Paris.

In Chapter Two, Franklin recounted the origins of the second newspaper in America. “My brother had, in 1720 or 1721, begun to print a newspaper. It was the second that appeared in America, and was called the New England Courant. The only one before it was the Boston News-Letter. I remember his being dissuaded by some of his friends from the undertaking, as not likely to succeed, one newspaper being, in their judgment, enough for America. At this time (1771) there are not less than five-and-twenty. He went on, however, with the undertaking, and after having worked in composing the types and printing off the sheets, I was employed to carry the papers thro’ the streets to the customers. . .

One of the pieces in our newspaper on some political point, which I have now forgotten, gave offense to the Assembly. He was taken up, censur’d, and imprison’d for a month, by the speaker’s warrant, I suppose, because he would not discover his author. I too was taken up and examin’d before the council; but, tho’ I did not give them any satisfaction, they content’d themselves with admonishing me, and dismissed me, considering me, perhaps, as an apprentice, who was bound to keep his master’s secrets.”

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When Ben Franklin was a young man he delivered newspapers for his brother. Read more about his newspaper days.

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