Creek Indians – 1825


On February 12, 1825, the Creek Indians signed a treaty giving the United States their territory in Georgia, effective September 1, 1826.

Creek Indians were forced out of their land in Georgia. Was your ancestor a Creek or a Georgian of the time?

Article 1 of the Treaty read,

“The Creek nation cede to the United States all the lands lying within the boundaries of the State of Georgia, as defined by the compact hereinbefore cited, now occupied by said Nation, or to which said Nation have title or claim; and also, all other lands which they now occupy, or to which they have title or claim, lying north and west of a line to be run from the first principal falls upon the Chatauhoochie river, above Cowetau town, to Ocfuskee Old Town, upon the Tallapoosa, thence to the falls of the Coosaw river, at or near a place called the Hickory Ground.”

In exchange, Article 1 read,

“It is farther agreed between the contracting parties, that the United States will give, in exchange for the lands hereby acquired, the like quantity, acre for acre, westward of the Mississippi, on the Arkansas river, commencing at the mouth of the Canadian Fork thereof, and running westward between said rivers Arkansas and Canadian Fork, for quantity.

Because of the improvements on the Georgia land, United States agreed to pay to the Creeks emigrating “the sum of four hundred thousand dollars, of which amount there shall be paid to said party of the second part, as soon as practicable after the ratification of this treaty, the sum of two hundred thousand
dollars. Later payments were to be made upon actually leaving, and upon settlement in the new territory.

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