Best Ever Lighthouse – Save-a-Story Saturday


Best Lighthouse - Save a story Saturday

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how many people have visited lighthouses. But today my Save-a-Story Saturday is about one of my favorite spots in San Diego – the Old Lighthouse on Pt. Loma.

The lighthouse is part of Cabrillo National Monument and to reach it you have to drive through a military installation; that means the gates close at 5 pm. so don’t be a laggard!

I have such fond memories of the lighthouse. When I was a kid we ran a bit wild there; today the NPS keeps this historic site under a bit tighter control. Probably a good thing as we kids ran up and down the stairs, making it hard for other people to go up the long winding staircase. The lighthouse, which was first lit in 1855,  isn’t in operation anymore; because it sits on the cliffs up above the ocean, during bad weather or fog, the light can’t be seen by ships at sea. To quote the NPS:

What seemed to be a good location 422 feet above sea level, however, had a serious flaw. Fog and low clouds often obscured the light. On March 23, 1891, the light was extinguished and the keeper moved to a new lighthouse location closer to the water at the tip of the Point.

On your drive up to the lighthouse, be watching on the right side of the road. You can see gun battteries that were installed in order to protect the harbor during World War I and II. During World War II, the lighthouse was even painted olive green and used as a command post.

While I have great memories of the lighthouse, a descendant of the original lighthouse keeper has even better ones. You can read his story here. (Scroll down to Life at the Lighthouse)

Want to see a photo of my favorite lighthouse? Here it is.  And please, leave a comment and let me know which lighthouse you love the most.

Save a Story Saturday - the Old Lighthouse


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