Benjamin Brooks – Revolutionary Soldier

Benjamin Brooks genealogy

I discovered quite a bit about Benjamin Brooks, thanks to a Highland County, Ohio history as well as various websites. Apparently Brooks’ Revolutionary War service qualifies me for a DAR membership (someone else has already claimed him, so much of the work is done). After the War, he went to Ohio where he claimed Bounty land.

Of him it’s said: “for seven long years [he] aided the colonies to secure their independence as a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and for faithtful service was granted a soldier’s claim in Highland county, Ohio.”

One of his sons was renowned for his strength and stamina. There are accounts of him running for miles without a problem and being the best of the best when it came to anything Daniel Boone-ish. Brooks’ daughter, Rachel married into my Knox line. I’m almost positive a lot of my British heritage came from Benjamin Brooks, my 5th great-grandfather.

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