Bartlett Bird Cave – 1st Cousin 4x Removed

Bartlett Bird Cave genealogyThis is one of a series of posts/images honoring my ancestors. Some, I know a lot about. Some, I know almost nothing. If you see this and recognize the name as being one of yours, please let me know!

Bartlett Bird Cave Genealogy

Birth: Apr 22 1830 – Surry County, North Carolina
Parents: Galen Cave and Susannah Frances Easley
Death: Nov 14 1910 – St. Joseph,Buchanan, Missouri, USA
Wife: Lucinda Cave (born Rowland)
Wife: Amelia E. Cave (born Satterfield)

Siblings: William Easley Cave, Charles S. Cave, Gaius Cave, John L. Cave, Mary Francis Cox (born Cave)

Children: William Henry Cave, Malinda B. Cave, Jesse Millard Cave, Phenellar H. Cave, John Franklin Cave, Susannah Frances Palmer (born Cave), Benjamin Warren Cave, Lucinda Jones (born Cave), Sarah C. (1) Holmes, (2) Grinter (born Cave)


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  1. Hello there! Bartlett Bird Cave is my 1st cousin 4X removed. I have an interesting article on the Cave Hotel if you have not seen it.

    Mary B

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