Your Ancestor’s World

Prince Albert

On the site you’ll find dozens of short blog posts about events that took place during the life of at least one of your ancestors.

I’m working daily on creating dozens more articles that you’ll find in the Topics section at the bottom of the page, categorized by century.

I created the posts as a way of placing an ancestor against the events of their world. Events, both great and small,  took place during their lifespan and the Ancestor’s World blog posts are a window into that world.

How to Use the Ancestor’s World Posts
Please feel free to use excerpts or ideas from these posts in your genealogy software, family book, scrapbook, blog posts, or family story project. It’s my hope that these stories – all true – will give you an idea of what the world was like during the time one of your ancestors lived.

Once I find an ancestor, I then begin gathering facts about their life and times. For me, it’s knowing what my ancestors would have read, talked about, or debated that brings them to life.

Even better,  it allows me to experience a day in their life. Is there anything better?

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