Nora Roselan Dearing Stout


Roselan_Imo1b. July 27, 1904, Sullivan County, Missouri


d. 1990

Relationship: My maternal grandmother

Photo: Roselan on the left, her sister Imo on the right

What I know about Nora Roselan Dearing Stout

Grandma had a difficult life. Her mother died when she was a young girl and her father sent her sister Imo away to live with relatives, while grandma stayed home with new step-mother. My sister, Vicki, can tell you far more about grandma as Vicki spent many, many weekends with her either in Kansas City or in St. Joseph. Grandma taught Vicki all of the arts like knitting and gardening. I think Vicki’s green thumb – particularly when it comes to tomatoes – comes directly from her.



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