Herschel Byron Hendrickson


herschel byron hendricksonb: August 18, 1888 Sni Mills, Jackson County, Missouri

m. April 20, 1913

d. September 15, 1948, St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri

Relationship: My paternal grandfather

Photo: Taken in Independence, Missouri, date unknown.

What I know about Herschel Byron Hendrickson

Sadly, the only things I know about my grandfather are stories passed down in the family as he died not long after my birth. He was a traveling salesman who liked to bring home the homemade wine his customers made, but apparently grandma poured it down the drain. He loved biscuits and gravy, which he called axle grease. He was a heavy smoker – my mom told me that sometimes he coughed so heavily he almost passed out. His cause of death was listed as hypostatic pneumonia and myocarditis with enlarged liver listed as an “other condition”. Apparently he also had diabetes and from the stories I’ve heard, probably lung cancer. In all of the family papers I have I’ve only seen one thing written by him – a letter home to my grandmother when he was on the road. From the stories, I think he was one of those guys that everyone loved and I’m sorry I never knew him.



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