Bertha Knox Dearing

bertha knox dearing genealogy

b: June 2, 1880

m: Nov 14, 1901

d: March 16, 1914

b: Harris, Sullivan County, Missouri

Relationship: My great-grandmother

What I know about Bertha Knox Dearing

I don’t remember my grandmother talking about her own mother, Bertha, but maybe that’s because Bertha died when Grandma was only 10-years-old. My sister, Vicki, and I visited Bertha’s grave at a little cemetery in Harris, Missouri. Bertha’s parents, James and Sarah Knox, are also buried in the same cemetery. I originally thought Bertha died in a Spanish flu epidemic, but my sister told me she died as a consequence of childbirth. I know my grandmother’s life was hard after her mom died, and wish I knew more about Bertha.

Bertha is seated by her husband, holding a baby.

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