He was given a 21-year Charter – 1696


Founding of Georgia

James Oglethorpe, born in 1696, was an English general and and founder of the colony of Georgia.

When Oglethorpe served as chairman of a committee investigating penal conditions, he became interested in England’s debtors. He and 19 associates were granted a charter in 1732 to establish a colony in Georgia, to be located between South Carolina, and the Spanish in Florida. The charter was to expire in 21 years.

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In 1733, the expedition arrived in Georgia, where the colonists established a settlement at Savannah. The settlers built forts, and became friends with the local tribe of Yamacraw Indians, who were members of the Creek confederacy.

In 1740, 1740, during a war with Spain, Oglethorpe led an expedition against the city of St. Augustine. Although the expedition was unsuccessful, he did defeat the Spanish in the battle of Bloody Marsh. Oglethorpe was later recalled to England where charges of mismanagement were levied. He never returned to America.


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