A 104-Year-Old Valentine

Valentine's Day Genealogy

On Valentine’s Day, 1913, my grandfather gave my (not-yet-then) grandmother a homemade Valentine. Here’s the front:

Valentine's Day

And the insides, in which he proposed marriage:

Valentine's Day

She must have said “yes” because two months later, April 20, 1913, they were married.

The strange thing about this – grandpa, whose name was Herschel, signed the card Hershal. Maybe he didn’t care about the spelling, or maybe it was an inside joke between him and grandma? In any case, I love that I have this – and wish grandma were still alive so I could ask her about it. (Isn’t that the same with all genealogists – so many questions but no one left to answer them)

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  1. I believe he added a twist to his name to provide the desired answer to the marriage proposal “HerShall”. How Sweet.

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